By 12;00am I was at their door with Aunty Morin, Dad opened the door for us, Mum sat up and said
“Go back to bed, its not yet time.” I couldn’t imagine leaving that room, “How do we go to bed? No man goes to bed when he sees fire on the roof” I said in tears. Mum smiled and said “Its okay, you all can stay here if you insist.”
I laid by Mum’s side, Dad laid on the other side while Aunty Morin laid on the mat. Mum was sleeping again but no one else was, no one else could. Dad was praying, Aunty Morin was wailing and I was thinking. So the dreaded last day was here, the day for Mum to become history so I would go to bed tonight a motherless girl, as I thought of all these, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I hugged my sleeping Mum and kept on crying passionately, Dad was also crying while he was praying. Mum’s fight was over, she was entering into her rest already, so while we all stayed up, she was just there snoring.
Around 7:30am she woke up and began singing, I knew her leaving was really close. Aunty Morin sat by her and wept on her hands, I did same with the second hand. Dad just stood, leaning against the wall, looking at her and weeping.
She lifted up her head and was smiling, she became very beautiful and the whole room was lit up by her radiance.
“They are here.” I held tightly to her hands, Dad ran to her chest, she continued, “Am not missing this flight.” We were all screaming and wailing, she said no more words, all I saw was that her head fell back into the pillow. My heart skipped! She was gone and gone for real, it was no more the shadow of her death that we had been seeing.
We all clung to her corpse and wept on it, it was the end of her race. Mrs Akintayo Kate left to be with the Lord by 8:00am Saturday the 15th of October, 2007.
* * *
Mum was my hero and she remains my hero, because all through the days of her living, she brought me to know Christ and thought me about him but much more in her dying, she showed me the reality of God’s love and the establishment of his kingdom, I still miss her and I love that fulfilled woman Mrs Akintayo Katherine Durotoye.
Thanks for following this short story. I hope you were blessed and enjoyed it too.


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