Story. Serials



I looked around, everywhere was absolutely strange. I saw Bro Femi beside me.
“Where am I?”
“Hospital, we had to rush you down. Please avoid that guy, he’s really dangerous! Thank God you’ve come around”.


I and Bro Femi went out for evangelism, as it was our custom to do every Thursday. We had just witnessed to a lady when I saw him in a distance. I approached Roy, Bro Femi pulled my shirt.
” What do you think you’re doing? ”
He asked with a bewildered look. I smiled
“What did we come out to do?”
Bro Femi was scared of preaching to Roy because he was an audacious rogue, he was an unashamed cultist who had done many legendary havocs in the campus and no one would forget him in a hurry.

“You want to preach to Roy?!”
“Doesn’t Roy need Jesus?”
Bro Femi shifted back before speaking;
“Your faith is strong. Mine hasn’t reached your level. Wait let me go to somewhere safe before you kick off your message.”
He scampered  to a nearby koisk from where he monitored us.

Roy held me firmly by the jugular and lifted me forcefully, with his strong and wide hands. He stared at me with his eyes blazing with fury and he spoke fiercely;
“I never told you I was heavily laden or I was empty on the inside. Neither did I tell you I needed rest or your Jesus!” He paused to catch his breath has his chest moved up and down in quick succession. “Young man if you love your life or love to live, stay away from me!”
I was struggling to breathe, my eyes were filled with tears and my vision was blurred. I was trying hard to cough and could barely hear him. Though his lips were moving I couldn’t hear him anymore. “Lord recieve my spirit” I mumbled. That was all I could remember.
Bro Femi said after a few more words he let go of me and I collapsed.


“Bro Dele, you know I warned you. Roy has driven a lot to their early grave and I’m sure you know he hasn’t retired.”
“I’m also sure you know God is on the throne and he hasn’t retired either.” I replied. Bro Femi sighed and I smiled.

I was glad I preached to him and at least he heard the word. About losing my life; I never had one. Jesus was the giver of life that gave life to me. So if I lost my life for Christ there couldn’t have been a better way to die. But time proved that it’s easier said than done.

I was getting set to leave my room that morning and  I decided to tell the first person I met about Christ.
I locked the door behind me and there she was; a petite lady. She had a hair do that practically covered her whole face, was loosely dressed and had the whole of her pinnae arrayed with different rings and pearls I could only wonder how she coped with hearing.
‘Dele it wouldn’t be this difficult preaching to this one now’ I thought smiling to myself.
But I discovered I was wrong when she turned around…
“Baby hurry up now.”
And the baby turned out to be who you thought (Roy).

My head expanded, blood rushing into it. I tried to put myself together as she approached me, her hands clasped in Roy’s. She was getting close and I knew I needed to be brief. I muttered a short prayer.
“Young lady, is this all you want to live for? Well Christ has a better life to offer you.” that was all I could manage.

Roy shot me a look, one that spoke volumes and my heart thumped!


When I released the doorknob that afternoon, the first thing I noticed was a piece of paper on the floor. I bent to pick the note and I discovered it was sealed with blood!
My heart skipped. I closed the door and leaned my back against it as I opened the note.

A note sealed with blood is a clear syndicate that the recipient  had less that three days to live. Each line of the note increased my pulse rate exponentially.

It read;

It’s obvious to us that you don’t value your life. And since you’ve chosen to bite more than you can chew, we’d give you more to chew than you ever could have bitten.
Nothing would save you. As long as a drop of blood was lost to sealing this note; your obituary is as sure as the dawn!

I was sweating profusely as I suffered arrhythmia for a while. My hands and feet felt cold and numb. I moved to my bed and sprawled my self on it. For the next fifteen minutes, I was absolutely blank. I could’nt even think. I just laid there like a log.
“God help me.” I uttered with my hands behind my head. For the first time I felt hapless being a Child of God.

After some minutes I picked up my phone and dialed my spiritual father’s number, Mr Edward. I explained the whole scenario to him. He gave brief but pointed instructions.
“It’s well. Keep the note and sneak out of the campus and today then come over to mine. Dele no one.. No one must know of your leaving the school.”
He prayed shortly with me and hung up.

I threw my head back into the pillow and sighed.

Knock knock knock

Someone was at the door.

It continues….


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