Bible stories · Poem



I don’t want the mansions,
Nor the many maids.
You can keep your wealth of nations,
Or the beautiful gardens well laid.

I don’t want half your kingdom.
I want much more!
Nay, far less.
What I desire is just one thing
It wouldn’t cost you much,
But it’s the reward I want.
Only that and nothing else.

I want the eyes that see the divine,
the ears that are deaf to what people are saying
but is only open to what his Lord is saying.
I want the lips that speak the truth.
God’s truth, without mincing words no matter stinging they may be.
The lips that sent piercing words to my mum.
The very same lips that blarrred the gospel in the reverberating wilderness,
the gospel of repentance and baptism.
The lips that fed on locust and honey.

I want all these fitted appropriately into his head and given to me!

And all that squirming and my lithe dance,
Is for this my one desire.
You have placed before me a blank cheque, O great king
and as this lines are smiling at me,
pleading to be filled,
I know what I want.
It’s his head!

You can keep your great wealth and even the rest of his body,
but I’d fill the blanks of this cheque with;

Photo credit- internet.


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