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Now that he was having the foreboding again, he was swamped in dread. He quickly picked up the magazine, took off his sun shades and went back into his hotel room.

In his room, he knelt down to pray but the words wouldn’t come out; he felt like his tongue was tied with a string. When he touched it, it was rigid.

Suddenly he started perceiving a very strong odour. The stench was so strong, it forced sneezes out in quick successions.

It was the smell of fresh blood!

Holy spirit help me. Lord I’m crying out to you, help me. He could only pray his mind.

Suddenly his tongue broke free and he started speaking in tongues, he prayed in the spirit for about thirty minutes before the Lord asked him to give thanks for the already won victory.

He felt led to call his Pastor which he immediately did but when his line wasn’t reachable, he called his wife.

She picked up on the second ring.

“Hello Bro Felix, good evening.”

“Evening ma’am.”

“You don’t sound too well, hope there’s no problem?” Mrs Mytn asked perceptively.

“There is. I’m having the premonition again and this time it’s coming with a strong smell of blood!” He blurted shakily.

“Jesus!” she let out her breath.

“Please ma, if you don’t mind I’d like you to check on my wife, she’s home alone.”

“No problem at all, I’d call my husband and we’d move, right away. Have you told her yet?”

“No ma.”


“Thank you very much ma.”

“It’s okay. Take care.”

She went to the church office to inform her husband about the issue on ground and they both left for Felix’s home.

As they hit the road, they fell into the open arms of a terrific traffic congestion.

They held hands and interceded for Lauretta, right there in the traffic.


He slid open the glass door of the walk-in shower cubicle and stepped out, wiping his body with a fluffy towel.

The cool shower helped in calming him only a little.

He hung all his hope on God’s word, at least now he had something to hang to; after the last the miscarriage, God had promised them that Egyptians they’d seen they shall see no more.

He quickly dressed up, he was left with roughly thirty minutes to the evening lecture, the cab man would be around ten minutes later.

His phone rang.

‘Honey’ the caller ID revealed and his heart skipped a beat.

“Lord God.” He exaled as he swiped to the green.

“Felix..” Now, he knew that whenever his wife called him by his name, there was huge trouble.

“Felix, I’m feeling the pain in my lower abdomen like an explosion of glass shards!” She said hastily, he could hear her pant.

Felix went pale.

“Felix are you there?” She asked when he didn’t say anything.

“Yes I..” He was saying before her scream cut him off.

“Lauretta!” He called loudly, all the reply he got were painful screams.

The phone slipped out of Lauretta’s hands and fell to the tiled floor. She was groping for the it when a sharp pain scissored through her abdomen causing her to clutch her midriff and scream louder.

He heard a clatter and the line went off.


The road finally cleared about thirty-five minutes later. Mrs Mytn’s phone shrilled and she quickly got it.

“Mu..mmy, my wife just called, she’s… She’s not fine. Haven’t you got there, yet?”

“Not yet, traffic palaver, but we’d be there in the next fifteen minutes. What did she say when she called?”

“I think she’s bleeding, I think she fell too… Oh, Mum please hurry.”


What welcomed them into the Chinda’s was the coppery smell of blood and painful screams.

Alarm creeped up their spines as they ran trailing the odour and screams to the masters bedroom.

Pastor Mytn went agape, he hadn’t seen such a horrid sight before; Lauretta was sitting in a puddle of blood in the white-turned-crimson bathtub.

His wife was helping Lauretta out of the tub when his phone started ringing. It was Felix.

“Dad, are you there already?”


“How is my wife sir?” Felix asked.

“Sh..we I…. It is well my brother.”

“Mba Pastor, tell me the exact truth. I can hear her wails in the background.”

“Er… Actually she’s bleeding terribly.”

“Father!” He exclaimed. “Please help her to the hospital.”

“We’d do just that… But please calm down.”

“Pastor, I’m coming home ASAP!”

“Bro Felix?”

He hung up.

“Switch off your phone.” His wife said immediately he dropped the call and he obliged.

They carried Lauretta into their car and rushed her to a hospital.


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