Natural scenario. Showing the beautiful works of an awesome God. · Poem

White -2

I am white,
I’m a light
I’m beautiful and distinguished.

White flowers could be anywhere
But what makes me peculiar,
What makes me stand out
Is the fact that I sprout right in the heart of debris.

As children of God,
We are lights
And our impact can only be best felt in the dark.

We’re like lights in a breezy dark night.
But since Jesus himself is our light,
No matter how boisterous the wind is,
Our light wouldn’t flicker.
And even if we begin to sink like Peter,
Our light will never be snuffed out
For he would be there to pick us up.

When all around you seem ugly,
It might just mean
That God is trying to distinguish the beauty in you.

We may be pressed on all sides,
But never would we be crushed.
All that would break forth in our pain
Would be to the excellency of his name.



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