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FOREWORD: We thank God for bringing us to the last day of the month of April and also the last post for the month. I just want to announce the upcoming series that would start next month, it’s titled ‘Leave To Cleave’ it promises to be a great and exciting ride. Episodes would drop on Wednesdays at night, starting from the 10th of May. Please spread the word.


And to today’s post..

Something happened sometimes back.

I was in a stationary vehicle, parked by the roadside, with a relation. A pedestrian strolled past the car, she had a baby loosely strapped to her back. The child was almost falling off.

Another woman was coming from the opposite direction, guiding and flanked by her children, two of them, they were twins.

When the two women’s path crossed and they were before each other, they exchanged casual pleasantries after which the woman with the baby hanging precariously on her back said a thing like;

“Aww… Twins. I love twins very much. I pray that God will give me twins someday.”

The person I was with in the car from where we watched the duo said;

“Ehen, you want twins abi? And the one you have is almost falling off your back.”

I laughed.

But as funny as that experience was, I learnt something.

Some of us look at other people’s blessing and we covet it. We look at someone else’s talent and we wish it were ours. We beg God for the big things we don’t yet have, but we forget about the ones in our hands.

Two lessons.


Before you get bigger things from God you must have handled smaller ones well. Before you ask God for what you don’t have, ask yourself how you are handling what you have.

Luke 16;10 says, He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.


We loose sight of the blessings we have, when we focus on another man’s, or the ones we don’t yet have and thus the blessing we already have begins to slip off our hands without us knowing. If the woman in the story I just relayed was focused on her child, he wouldn’t have been falling off like he was.

While you yet trust God for the big things, handle the seemingly small things you’re blessed with well.

Every blessings.


10 thoughts on “I WANT TWINS

  1. Hmm,a very nice piece to reflect on…we must learn to both acknowledge what God has given us however small it seems and guard and keep tenaciously what he has put in our hands

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  2. Really nice post….. We should be grateful of what God has done for us and not be carried away by what others have….. Whenever I pray about something and I don’t get answer almost immediately, I used to feel bad in the past but now I take it that God has a better plan for me. Thanks for sharing.

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